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Twelve most recently added city maps:

  • Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (map | satellite | street view)
    Nizhny Novgorod is the fourth largest city in Russia. It is located on the cofluence of Volga and Oka. The population of Nizhny Novgorod exceeds 1.2 million people. The city has a nice historic center and a small subway system.
  • Renton, WA, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Renton, Washington is a large southern suburb of Seattle with 100 thousand inhabitants. The city is located near the southern shore of Lake Washington, not far away form Highway 405.
  • San Angelo, TX, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    San Angelo is a city in Tom Green County, central Texas. The population of San Angelo is 100 thousand people.
  • Dundee, United Kingdom (map | satellite | street view)
    The City of Dundee is one of the most beautiful Scottish cities. It's an ancient port with rich history and lots of sights to explore. The population of Dundee is about 148 thousand people.
  • Chelmsford, United Kingdom (map | satellite | street view)
    Chelmsford is a small city in in Essex, England, UK. The population of Chelmsford is about 174 thousand people. The city is located on the north-eastern outskirts of Greater London.
  • Charlottesville, VA, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Charlottesville is a city in central Virginia with 43 thousand inhabitants. This city became famous in August 2017 after an ultra-right demonstration that turned into clashes and raised echoes across the country.
  • League City, TX, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    League City, Texas is a large resort city, located about 20 miles southeast of Houston. The population of League City exceeds 100 thousand people.
  • Rialto, CA, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Rialto, California (incorporated 1911) is a medium sized city located just west to San Bernardino. Its population stands at 103 thousand people. Rialto is often called "The Bridge City" due to its location on a major interstate highway.
  • Decatur, AL, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Decatur (incorporated 1826) is a city in the northern part of Alabama with 55 thousand inhabitants. Standing upon the Tennessee River, Decatur is the largest city of Morgan County.
  • Dothan, AL, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Dothan, Alabama is a small city located on the border between Alabama and Florida. The population of Dothan is about 65 thousand people. Dothan is often dubbed the Peanut Capital of the World.
  • Hoover, AL, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Hoover, Alabama is a southern suburb of Birmingham. The population of Hoover is over 85 thousand people. The city was incorporated in 1967.
  • Jurupa Valley, CA, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Jurupa Valley, California is a young city in Riverside County with 103 thousand inhabitants. The incorporation of Jurupa Valley took place in 2011, making it one of the youngest mid-size cities in the US.

Twelve most recently added special places:

Famous places

Twelve most recently added neighborhoods:

  • Allerton, New York City
    Allerton is a NYC neighborhood located in eastern Bronx. The population of Allerton is about 50 thousand, mostly of Hispanic background.
  • Wakefield, New York City
    Wakefield is a remote neighborhood on the northern edge of Bronx, to the east of Bronx River Parkway. Wakefield is considered to be the northernmost hood of NYC. Over 70% of Wakefield's population is of African-American descent.
  • Williamsbridge, New York City
    Williamsbridge is a neighborhood in the northern part of Bronx. Its current population is mostly of African-American descent and Williamsbridge is considered to be a middle-class neighborhood.
  • Pelham Gardens, New York City
    Pelham Gardens is a neighborhood in the northeastern part of Bronx with some 10 thousand residents, mostly of Italian and Jewish backgrounds. Most homes in Pelham Gardens are built for 2-3 families.
  • Belmont, New York City
    Belmont is a small but dense neighborhood in central Bronx, to the west of Bronx Zoo. The population of Belmont is about 27 thousand residents of mixed backgrounds. Belmont hosts the famous Arthur Avenue, that once was home to Italian community in New York City.
  • Morris Heights, New York City
    Morris Heights is a relatively poor neighborhood in the West Bronx, on the bank of East River, right across northern Manhattan.
  • Ridgewood, New York City
    Ridgewood is a neighborhood in the southern part of Queens, NYC. Ridgewood is known for its historic architecture that is kept untouched since the early 20th century.
  • Bushwick, New York City
    Bushwick is a growing neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, stretching along Bushwick Avenue. The population of Bushwick is about 85 thousand people, 70% of which are of hispanic origin.
  • Crown Heights, New York City
    Crown Heights is a neighborhood in central Brooklyn with 150 thousand residents of different and diverse backgrounds.
  • Prospect Heights, New York City
    Prospect Heights is a small neighborhood in the northern part of Brooklyn, NYC.
  • Melrose, New York City
    Melrose is a neighborhood in southern Bronx, NYC. The population of Melrose is about 39 thousand people, mostly of latino descent.
  • Humboldt Park, Chicago
    Humboldt Park is both a beautiful park and a neighborhood in northwestern Chicago.

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