Freestyle skiing at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics — medals, records, schedule

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Freestyle skiing at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will take place between 5 and 19 of February, 2022 at Genting Snow Park, located in Hebei Province, north to Beijing.

Freestyle skiing at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

At Beijing 2022 Olympics there will be a total of 13 freestyle skiing events: 6 for men, 6 for women and one mixed event. The total number of athletes to compete in freestyle skiing at these Games will be as high as 284, which represent 25 countries.

These are the events for men and women: Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Aerials, Big Air, Moguls and Ski cross.

The mixed team event will be in Aerials.

This is the full schedule of freestyle skiing medal events ar Beijing 2022 Olympics:

Times are in UTC+8. 

Date Time Event
Feb 5 19:30 Men's moguls
Feb 6 19:30 Women's moguls
Feb 8 10:00 Women's big air
Feb 9 11:00 Men's big air
Feb 10 19:00 Mixed team aerials
Feb 14 9:30 Women's ski slopestyle
Feb 14 19:00 Women's aerials
Feb 15 9:30 Men's ski slopestyle
Feb 16 19:00 Men's aerials
Feb 17 15:10 Women's ski cross
Feb 18 9:30 Women's ski halfpipe
Feb 18 15:55 Men's ski cross
Feb 19 9:30 Men's ski halfpipe


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