Things to do in Poznan, Poland. Landmarks, attractions and places to go in Poznan in 2024.

Poland / Poznan

Poznań, located in Poland, is a historic city with a vibrant atmosphere and a range of attractions to explore. Here are some things to do in Poznań:

  1. Old Market Square (Stary Rynek): Begin your visit in the heart of Poznań at the Old Market Square. Admire the colorful facades of the Renaissance-style buildings, visit the Town Hall, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of cafes, restaurants, and street performers.

  2. Poznań Cathedral: Explore the stunning Poznań Cathedral (Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul). Marvel at its Gothic architecture, climb to the observation deck for panoramic views of the city, and visit the crypt to see historical artifacts and tombs.

  3. Poznań Town Hall: Visit the iconic Poznań Town Hall, located in the Old Market Square. This historic building features a Renaissance-style facade and houses the Historical Museum of Poznań, where you can learn about the city's history and culture.

  4. Malta Lake: Spend a day at Malta Lake, a popular recreational area in Poznań. Enjoy a walk or bike ride around the lake, go boating or kayaking, or visit the nearby Zoo and Palm House.

  5. Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski): Explore Cathedral Island, the oldest part of Poznań. Wander through its charming streets, visit the impressive churches, and admire the medieval architecture. Don't miss the famous goats of Poznań at the Old Town Hall.

  6. Stary Browar: Indulge in some shopping and cultural experiences at Stary Browar. This unique shopping center is housed in a renovated historic brewery and features a mix of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and cultural events.

  7. Palm House: Visit the Palm House in Poznań, a beautiful glasshouse filled with a variety of tropical and subtropical plants. Enjoy the lush greenery, exotic flowers, and tranquil atmosphere.

  8. Imperial Castle: Discover the Imperial Castle, an impressive neo-Romanesque building located near the Old Market Square. While the interior is not open to the public, you can admire the castle's architecture and take a stroll through the surrounding park.

  9. Poznań Citadel Park: Explore the vast Poznań Citadel Park, a historic fortress turned into a green space. Take a walk along the fortifications, visit the Military Museum, or simply enjoy a picnic in the park's tranquil surroundings.

  10. Rogalowe Museum: Indulge in the local culinary delight of Poznań—rogal świętomarciński (St. Martin's croissant) at the Rogalowe Museum. Learn about the history and production of this iconic pastry and enjoy a tasting.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started in Poznań. The city offers a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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