FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Championship will take place in Russia between June 14 and July 15, 2018. Thirty two teams, divided in eight groups, will decide who is the strongest soccer team in the World. We will follow each game's development and hope for a fair play. The play-off round will start on June 30, 2018 and the final game is scheduled for July, 15.  Feel free add this page to your favorites and come back in June to follow the games!

Group A of FIFA-2018: Russia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Matches, teams and forecasts
Group A may seem the weakest of them all with no obvious favorite, but Uruguay should definitely make it to the playoffs. The games in group A will take place between 14 and 25 of June, 2018.

Group B of FIFA-2018: Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Iran. All matches, forecasts and team standings
Group B features two great teams, Spain and Portugal, who must qualify for playoffs together. Iran and Morocco are obvious underdogs of group B.

Group C at FIFA-2018: France, Australia, Peru and Denmark. Matches, forecasts and standings
Group C will be dominated by the French team, while the other three squads have equal chances for qualifying into playoffs.

Group D of FIFA-2018: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria. All matches, forecasts and standings
Group D features, Argentina, one of the stronges teams in the World, and Iceland, probaably the most adorable one. Croatians also can make it to the playoffs.

Group E of FIFA-2018: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia. Matches, standings and forecasts
Brazil will dominate the events in group E with all the remaining three teams capable of fighting for the second place.

Group F at FIFA-2018: Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. Matches, teams and forecasts
In group F the Germans will dominate the ball, but all of the remaining three teams can make it to the playoff round.

Group G of FIFA-2018: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England. All matches, forecasts and team standing
Belgium and England are supposed to prevail in group G, but it is not an obvious fact that they will easily procees into knockout stage.

Group H of FIFA-2018: Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan. Matches, standings and forecasts
Group H is the least predictible one, since it doesn't have an obvious favorite. Poland and Colombia have better chances, but everything here will be decided in a tough fight.

Round of 16 @ FIFA-2018. All matches, all teams, fixtures and schedule
The Round of 16 will begin on June 30, 2018 and feature sixteen most successful teams from the Round of groups.

Quarter-finals of the World Cup 2018. All matches, teams and forecasts
The Quarter-finals of FIFA-2018 World Cup will take place on July 6 and July 7, two games within each day.

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