Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia. Landmarks, attractions and places to go in Tbilisi in 2023.

Georgia / Tbilisi
  1. Explore the Old Town of Tbilisi, a historic district filled with charming cobblestone streets and picturesque buildings, including the iconic Narikala Fortress.

  2. Visit the Sulfur Baths, one of Tbilisi's most famous landmarks, to experience the city's unique hot springs and Georgian-style spa culture.

  3. Explore the Georgian National Museum, which houses a rich collection of Georgian art and artifacts, including pre-Christian and medieval artifacts, as well as Soviet-era memorabilia.

  4. Visit the Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Caucasus, for a glimpse of Georgian Orthodox architecture and to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

  5. Stroll through the historic neighborhoods of Sololaki and Avlabari, which offer a glimpse into Tbilisi's rich cultural heritage and picturesque streetscapes.

  6. Take a day trip to the nearby Kazbegi National Park, a stunning region of mountains and forests that is home to the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church.

  7. Visit the Georgian Parliament Building, located in the historic district of Avlabari, to learn about Georgian politics and the country's recent history.

  8. Explore the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, a stunning building featuring classical music performances and ballet productions.

  9. Visit the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, a peaceful and tranquil green space in the heart of the city, featuring a wide range of plants from across Georgia and beyond.

  10. Explore the Tbilisi Wine District, a region that is famous for its locally produced wine and traditional Georgian cuisine. Take a wine tour and sample some of the best wines in the country.

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