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Twelve most recently added city maps:

  • Dijon, France (map | satellite | street view)
    Dijon is a city in eastern France with 155 thousand inhabitants. It is located in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Grenoble, France (map | satellite | street view)
    Grenoble is a large French city with 160 thousand inhabitants, it is often referred to as The Capital of the Alps. It is also an important scientific center.
  • Reims, France (map | satellite | street view)
    Reims is a city in northern France with 187 thousand inhabitants. It is located some 80 miles east to Paris. Reims was founded circa 80 BC and has some beautiful Medieval architecture.
  • Christchurch, New Zealand (map | satellite | street view)
    Christchurch is the third largest city in New Zealand with 400 thousand inhabitants. It is located on the eastern side of southern island.
  • Poughkeepsie, NY, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Poughkeepsie is a city located midway between New York City and Albany. This "Queen City of the Hudson" was founded by Dutch settlers back in 1686 and now has some 32 thousand inhabitants.
  • Long Beach, NY, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Long Beach is a city in the state of New York with about 33 thousand inhabitants. It is located on Long Beach Barrier Island, which is the westernmost of the Outer Barrier.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia (map | satellite | street view)
    Saint Petersburg is the Northern Capital of Russia, and its most beautiful city. Built by Peter the Great in the beginning of 18-th century, the city is located on the banks of Neva river. Saint Petersburg is a must see for everyone who visits Russia.
  • Gatineau, Canada (map | satellite | street view)
    Gatineau is a city in southern Quebec. It stands on the northern bank of Ottawa river, right across the city of Ottawa, the Canadian capital. The population of Gatineau is about 276 thousand inhabitants. The city is mostly French speaking.
  • Windsor, Canada (map | satellite | street view)
    Windsor, Ontario is a Canadian city that is located on the southern bank of the Detroit River, right across the American city of Detroit, Michigan. Windsor is famous by its car production facilities and often called Automotive Capital of Canada. The population of Windsor is about 214 thousand people.
  • Oshawa, Canada (map | satellite | street view)
    Oshawa is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the shores of Ontario lake, some 60 kilometres east of Toronto. The population of Oshawa is about 166 thousand inhabitants.
  • Grand Junction, CO, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Grand Junction (incorporated in 1882) is a city in western Colorado, serving as the county seat of Mesa County. The population of Grand Junction is about 58 thousand people, making it the 16-th most populous city in Colorado.
  • Broomfield, CO, USA (map | satellite | street view)
    Broomfield, incorporated 1961, is a city in the central part of Colorado, a suburb of Denver. The population of Broomfield exceeds 65 thousand people.

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Twelve most recently added neighborhoods:

  • Allerton, New York City
    Allerton is a NYC neighborhood located in eastern Bronx. The population of Allerton is about 50 thousand, mostly of Hispanic background.
  • Wakefield, New York City
    Wakefield is a remote neighborhood on the northern edge of Bronx, to the east of Bronx River Parkway. Wakefield is considered to be the northernmost hood of NYC. Over 70% of Wakefield's population is of African-American descent.
  • Williamsbridge, New York City
    Williamsbridge is a neighborhood in the northern part of Bronx. Its current population is mostly of African-American descent and Williamsbridge is considered to be a middle-class neighborhood.
  • Pelham Gardens, New York City
    Pelham Gardens is a neighborhood in the northeastern part of Bronx with some 10 thousand residents, mostly of Italian and Jewish backgrounds. Most homes in Pelham Gardens are built for 2-3 families.
  • Belmont, New York City
    Belmont is a small but dense neighborhood in central Bronx, to the west of Bronx Zoo. The population of Belmont is about 27 thousand residents of mixed backgrounds. Belmont hosts the famous Arthur Avenue, that once was home to Italian community in New York City.
  • Morris Heights, New York City
    Morris Heights is a relatively poor neighborhood in the West Bronx, on the bank of East River, right across northern Manhattan.
  • Ridgewood, New York City
    Ridgewood is a neighborhood in the southern part of Queens, NYC. Ridgewood is known for its historic architecture that is kept untouched since the early 20th century.
  • Bushwick, New York City
    Bushwick is a growing neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, stretching along Bushwick Avenue. The population of Bushwick is about 85 thousand people, 70% of which are of hispanic origin.
  • Crown Heights, New York City
    Crown Heights is a neighborhood in central Brooklyn with 150 thousand residents of different and diverse backgrounds.
  • Prospect Heights, New York City
    Prospect Heights is a small neighborhood in the northern part of Brooklyn, NYC.
  • Melrose, New York City
    Melrose is a neighborhood in southern Bronx, NYC. The population of Melrose is about 39 thousand people, mostly of latino descent.
  • Humboldt Park, Chicago
    Humboldt Park is both a beautiful park and a neighborhood in northwestern Chicago.

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