Things to do in Haifa, Israel. Landmarks, attractions and places to go in Haifa in 2024.

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Here are a few popular things to do in Haifa, Israel:

  1. Visit the Bahai Gardens: The Bahai Gardens in Haifa are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are known for their intricate terraces and beautiful gardens.

  2. Visit the Haifa Museum of Art: This museum is home to a wide collection of Israeli and international art, including works by Chagall, Picasso, and more.

  3. Visit the Elijah's Cave: This is a sacred site for both Jews and Christians and is believed to be the cave where the prophet Elijah hid from King Ahab.

  4. Visit the Louis Promenade: This promenade offers a beautiful view of the city and the bay, and is a popular spot for walking, jogging and picnicking.

  5. Visit the German Colony: This is a historic district of Haifa with charming 19th-century architecture and a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.

  6. Visit the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology: This is one of Israel's leading research institutions and is home to a variety of science and technology exhibits open to the public.

  7. Visit the Stella Maris Monastery: This is a Carmelite monastery located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, known for its beautiful architecture and stunning views.

  8. Visit the Haifa Port: The port of Haifa offers a variety of activities including boat tours, fishing trips, and more.

  9. Visit the Haifa Zoo: The Haifa Zoo is home to a variety of animals from around the world and is a great place for a family outing.

  10. Visit the Haifa Educational Zoo: The Haifa Educational Zoo is a unique zoo that aims to educate visitors about the natural world and conservation through interactive exhibits and guided tours.

Haifa has lots more to offer to its visitors. Watch these videos to learn more:

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