List of famous military objects

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This list features famous military objects with their exact locations on the map. Every military site in this list is provided with its exact coordinates, an image and a short description. On our pages you'll find the most famous places in the World, with exact maps and coordinates.

  • Area 51
    Area 51 (AKA Groom Lake) is located in southern Nevada, not far away from Las Vegas.
  • Fukushima Power Plant
    The disabled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is located on the eastern coast of Japan, near the town of Okuma, some 130 miles northeast to Tokyo.
  • Guantanamo
    Guantanamo is located on the southern coast of Cuba and maintained by the US for a rent.
  • Nellis Air Force Base
    Nellis Air Force Base is located on the northeastern outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor is a natural lagoon and a famous military base near Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • Scotland Yard
    The New Scotland Yard is located in Westminster, central London, UK.
  • Shayrat Air Base
    Shayrat Air Base is located not far away from the city of Homs, Syria.
  • Starbase Texas
    Starbase is located in southern Texas near the SpaceX South Texas launch site.
  • The Pentagon
    The Pentagon is located in Arlington, Virginia, not far away from Washington, DC.