List of most famous natural landmarks in the World

This list features most famous natural landmarks with their exact locations on the map. Each natural landmark in this list is provided with its exact coordinates, a picture and a short description of its origin. On our pages you'll find the most famous places in the World, with exact maps and coordinates.
  • Alcatraz Island
    Alcatraz Island is a famous landmark located inside San Francisco bay, some 2 kilometres offshore from San Francisco.
  • Aliso Canyon
    Aliso Canyon is located in San Joaquin Hills, Orange county, California, US.
  • Angel Falls
    Angel Falls is located in eastern Venezuela.
  • Badlands National Park
    Badlands National Park is located in South Dakota, USA.
  • Bering Strait
    Bering Strait is located between Alaska and Russian peninsula of Chukotka.
  • Bermuda triangle
    Bermuda triangle is located in the northern Atlantic, just outside the Caribbean sea.
  • Bosphorus straight
    Bosphorus straight is located in Turkey, it connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, which in turn is connected to the Mediterranean Seas.
  • Crazy Horse Memorial
    Crazy Horse Memorial is located in South Dakota.
  • Crimea
    The Crimean peninsula is located inside the Black Sea, to the South of mainland Ukraine.
  • Custer State Park
    Custer State Park is located in South Dakota, south to Rapid City.
  • Devils Tower
    Devils Tower is located in northeastern Wyoming.
  • Jewel Cave
    Jewel Cave National Monument is located near Custer, South Dakota.
  • Lake Superior
    Lake Superior is located in Northern America, along the border between USA and Canada.
  • Mont Saint-Michel
    Mont Saint-Michel is located in Normandy, France, on an island 1 kilometer away from the coast.
  • Mount Etna
    Mount Etna is located in Italy, in the eastern part of Sicily island.
  • Mount Fuji
    Mount Fuji is located some 50 miles to the south-west from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls are located on the US-Canada border.
  • Old Faithful
    The Old Faithful geyser is located inside Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.
  • Putna Cana
    Putna Cana is a popular resort on the eastern edge of the Dominican Republic.
  • Tenerife
    Tenerife island is located in North Atlantic, not too far away from the coasts of Morocco.
  • The Dead Sea
    The Dead Sea is located in the Middle East, along the border between Jordan and Israel.
  • The Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona, along the valley of Colorado river.
  • The Jurassic Coast
    The Jurassic Coast is situated in the southern part of Britain.

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