List of famous regions and territories with maps and coordinates

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Here you can see the list of famous regions and territories with their exact locations on the map. Every region in this list is provided with its coordinates, an image and a short description of its history. On our pages you'll find the most famous places in the World, with exact maps and coordinates.

  • Abkhazia
    Abkhazia is located in the Caucasus mountains, between Russia and Georgia.
  • Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi is located in the UAE, it is the country's capital and second largest city, after Dubai.
  • Anza
    Anza is located in Riverside County of California, USA.
  • Badakhshan
    Badakhshan is a province of Afghanistan, located in the northern part of the country, the one that borders Tajikistan.
  • Boca Chica Village
    Boca Chica Village AKA Kopernik Shores is an unincorporated community located in southern Texas, not too far from the border with Mexico.
  • Capitol Hill
    Capitol Hill is the most famous neighborhood in Washindton, DC, where a lot of the US Government buildings are located.
  • Carbis Bay
    Carbis Bay is a resort facility located on the shores of St Ives Bay in Cornwall, UK.
  • Catalonia
    Catalonia is an autonomous region located in the northeastern corner of Spain.
  • Chechnya
    Chechnya is an autonomous republic within Russian Federation.
  • Daegu
    Daegu is located in South Korea, about 150 miles south-east from Seoul.
  • Dagestan
    Dagestan is an autonomous republic located in the southern part of Russia, near the Caspian sea.
  • Doklam Plateau
    Doklam Plateau is located in South Asia, in a disputed region between India, Bhutan and China.
  • Donbass
    Donbass is an industrial region located in Eastern Ukraine.
  • Dubai
    Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates on the coast of Persian Gulf.
  • Galilee
    Galilee is a Biblical region located in the northern part of modern Israel.
  • Gaza Strip
    Gaza Strip is located in the Middle East, between Israel and Egypt, along the eastern Mediterranean coast.
  • Geneva
    Geneva is located on the western edge of Switzerland.
  • Goa
    Goa is located on the western coast of India.
  • Guantanamo
    Guantanamo is located on the southern coast of Cuba and maintained by the US for a rent.
  • Idlib
    The city of Idlib is located in the northwestern part of Syria, just about 20 miles from the Turkish border.
  • Kamchatka
    The peninsula of Kamchatka is located ir the eastern part of Russia, in North Pacific.
  • Kashmir
    Jammu and Kashmir region is located in central Asia and has been disputed by India and Pakistan for many years.
  • Kazan
    Kazan is located in central Russia, on the left bank of Volga river.
  • Los Mochis
    Los Mochis is a small coastal city in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.
  • Macao
    Macao (or Macau in Portuguese) is a special semi-autonomous dwarf state on the southern coasts of China, not far away from Hong Kong.
  • Monte-Carlo
    Monte-Carlo is a small but famous region in Monaco, a dwarf state in western Europe associated with France.
  • Montmartre
    Montmartre is a hill located in the central part of Paris.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh
    Nagorno-Karabakh republic is a disputed region inside Azerbaijan, with mostly Armenian population.
  • Nha Trang
    Nha Trang is located on the Pacific coast of Vietnam, in the province of Khanh Hoa.
  • Novo Mesto
    Novo Mesto is located in the southern part ov Slovenia, formerly part of Yugoslavia.
  • Palestine
    Palestine is located in the Middle East, between Israel and Jordan.
  • Portapique
    Portapique is a small village located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Pyongyang
    Pyongyang is located in North Korea and serves as the country's capital city.
  • Quebec
    Quebec is located in the eastern and north-eastern parts of Canada.
  • Saint-Denis
    Saint-Denis is located in the northern suburbs of Paris, France.
  • Saransk
    Saransk is located in central Russia, some 300 miles east from Moscow.
  • Silicon Valley
    The Silicon Valley is a small region located in California, northwest to San Jose.
  • Sinai pennsula
    Sinai peninsula is located in northeastern Egypt.
  • Stepanakert
    Stepanakert is located in Nagorno Karabakh, a disputed breakaway region between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • Stonecrest
    Stonecrest, Georgia is a small city located along Interstate 20, south-east to Atlanta.
  • Tatarstan
    The republic of Tatarstan is located in Russia, east to Moscow.
  • Tianjin
    Tianjin is located in northern China, just 60 miles south-east to the capital city of Beijin.
  • Tibet
    Tibet is located in the south-western part of China, by which it is occupied.
  • Volgograd
    Volgograd is located in the southern part of Russia.
  • Yancheng
    Yancheng is located in Jiangsu province, central China.